Audio: English
1. Awakening
2. Passengers
3. Who Did It?
4. True Identity
5. Food
6. 10 People and a Dog!
7. Proof of Being Human
8. Escape from Prison
9. Mealtime
10. Tonsil
11. Butts
12. Buttmen vs. Shinnosuke
13. To Earth
1. Chindarake
2. Action Mask Gold
3. Dada (Tantrum)
4. Obaan
5. Run
6. Middle-aged Mask
7. To Chindarake on a Train
8. VS. Expentables
9. The Secret Date
10. Seal
11. Action Mask vs. Shinnosuke
12. Goodbye Obaan
13. The Final Episode
1. Butt swordplay
2. Hazumi
3. Work
4. The zillion-dollar woman
5. Family
6. Mt.Fuji Prefecture
7. True identity
8. Reunion
9. Armpit swordplay
10. Training
11. To the castle
12. Secret
13. Showdown
1. I'm Here! O-O-O-No Shinnosuke
2. Go! Monster Busters
3. At School! Monster in the Classroom
4. Hot Spring! Party People
5. Rain is the Serenade for Strays
6. Good Harvest! Forest of Terror
7. Part 1! Find Mom
8. Part 2! Find Mom
9. Goodbye, And Then
10. Disruption! Monster Panic
11. Most Evil! Monster President
12. We're Monster Busters
13. Farewell, O-O-O-No Shinnosuke


A spin-off anime created in celebration of Shin chan's 25th anniversary of its TV series. The 4 series have unique settings and unimaginable storylines that go beyond the Nohara Family’s daily life. A thriller suspense in outer space? A dark fantasy with monsters and toys? Not only fans of Shin chan, but first-timers and adults are sure to laugh and enjoy this “Upscaled” Shin chan series.

Darsteller: Akiko Yajima, Miki Narahashi, Toshiyuki Morikawa
Creator: Michio Mihara


Shinnosuke Nohara (voice)
Misae Nohara (voice)
Hiroshi Nohara (voice)
Himawari Nohara (voice)
White (voice) / Toru Kazama (voice)
Mimiko Sakura (voice)